Re-piping Benefits of cooper re-piping 

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Re-piping Benefits of cooper re-piping Copper re-piping is a process of refitting existing pipes in a home or business. Most homeowners decide to look into getting their home re-piped with copper pipes when a couple things happen.
 First they see a

dramatic drop in water pressure usually in the shower pressure or irrigation system. Instead of a forceful stream the person taking the shower experiences a slow trickle of water. Corrosion of the pipes, leaks, rusty yellow looking water or the pipes burst causing a lot of water damage in the home. All of these are reasons why a home would need to undergo a copper re-piping project.
 Copper Re-piping has many benefits. Your water will have a clean refreshing taste and be clear and without the rust particles and other contaminants that the inside of your dirty pipes contain. You pipes will have more pressure: your tub and washing machine will fill quickly

There are many other benefits to a Copper Re-pipe. You may be preventing a disaster that is lurking right around the corner. Depending on the age of your pipes and the quality of their installation you could develop leaks in your slab; if your house is built on a slab. If you have a crawl space you could have a small leak and may not even be aware of it until it becomes a full blown leak, causing thousands of dollars in repairs. And, even in a full basement the pipes could be covered by sheet-rock or
hidden in a tight corner, you never know.

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